Chapel Renovations 2021

We put a hold on fundraising for the chapel when COVID impacted our retreat business. Our main concern during 2020 was covering our operating costs and remaining open! We are very happy to announce renovating the chapel has become a priority for 2021!

A total of $50,000 is needed to complete the construction portion of the renovation (paint, carpet, lighting, and repairs). We raised $17,000 in 2020. We are working hard to raise the remainder $33,000. An anonymous donor agreed to match dollar for dollar up to $15,000 raised. To date, we have EXCEEDED our matching goal of $15,000 for the chapel renovation. We are still accepting donations.

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Phase 2, the CHAIR APPEAL, has officially begun! Your donation can help us purchase a coordinated set of furnishings for the new chapel. Donors can purchase a chair or a pew. A small plaque (1×3 inches) will be placed on the back of the furniture piece with the donor’s name or in memory of a loved one. Our goal –

  • 60 chairs @ $250 each
  • 5 Pews (for the back wall) @ $450 each

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