Family Garden

Grow and Learn Family Garden 2021 –
Questions? Call 636-938-5374 or email Kait at

Garden Overview and Goals

Transform 1-acre garden into a Family Garden. Each participating family will be responsible for a row (planting, weeding, and harvesting). They will be able to grow a tomato variety and 2 other vegetables in their row. La Salle will sponsor Swap Saturdays where all families can gather and trade produce. A portion of produce will go to La Salle’s kitchen, a portion to the family and to a local food pantry. The goals of Family Garden-

  • Providing fresh, nutritious produce for our community to improve diet and overall health.
  • Cleaner environment. Compost and recycle plant waste as well as kitchen waste into useful fertilizer.
  • Stronger community. Sharing a garden (and produce) gives people a chance to connect and share with other families.
  • Education opportunities. The family garden is a good way for kids to learn about growing food and environmental issues.

Important Dates:

  • By March 31 – Sign and submit agreement to join La Salle’s Family Garden!
  • By March 31 – Pick your planting row 
    • Full row (42 feet x 2 feet)
    • Half a row (21 feet x 2 feet)
  • By April 15 – Let La Salle know the type of vegetables you want to plant. All families can grow a tomato (slicing or cherry) and two other vegetables. We’ve provided a list. Our goal is for the garden to be filled with a variety of vegetables listed below. For example, we don’t want all families to grow tomatoes and peppers. Make your selections as early as possible to get the vegetables you want to grow. We will have Swap Saturdays so all families can trade produce.
  • By April 30 – Each family will get a row marker (free!). Select the wording for your row marker (picture and word choices below).
  • After May 9 – Plant according to the best dates for vegetables in your row.
  • Check your emails for Swap Saturday dates and times. These are times you can meet with other families and trade produce.

Keeping our garden organized and successful:

  • Contact the Garden Manager Gerry Sano with any questions or concerns.
  • Keep your row weeded and maintained the entire growing season. 
  • Plant only the vegetables chosen by your family and approved by La Salle.
  • Always keep the garden area clean of trash and litter. Put tools away in the garden shed and throw all weeds in the marked compost pile.
  • Overnight watering or the use of water sprinklers is prohibited. 
  • Conserve water by shutting off hoses and water sources when finished using them. Water is available in the garden after the last average frost date [April 15th] to the first average frost date [October 15th]. 
  • Use of pesticides is prohibited.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in our garden. Tobacco and cigarette butts contain toxins that are not healthy for our plants.
  • Always make sure the gate is closed and completely latched!
  • As a garden community, we are all responsible for the compost piles. The Garden Manager will contact each family to turn the compost piles during the growing season.
  • Respect your garden neighbors and those around you!

Vegetable Choices

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Beets  
  • Peppers (bell)
  • Watermelon Radishes 
  • Slicing tomatoes (Big Boys?) 
  • Cherry tomatoes 
  • Carrots  
  • Cucumbers (straight 8). 
  • Zucchini     
  • Bush Beans
  • Potatoes
  • YellowSquash
  • Pumpkins (carving)
  • Pumpkins (pie)


  • Cilantro   
  • Flat Leaf Parsley
  • basil
  • chives
  • oregano
  • thyme
  • dill

Row Marker Wording Ideas – 

  • Family name
  • Choices for wording above the Family name
    • Home Grown
    • GROW
    • Love Grows Here
    • Our Happy Place
    • Grow and Learn
    • Garden of Weedin’
    • Weeding by 
    • Weed it and Reap